Happy Birthday to You!/Manhattan Child Photographer

Every now and then I will have a session where I am yelling, “Oh my gosh!!!” the whole time and I just can’t wait to get home to start editing the pictures.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I’m even missing the finale of my favorite show, the Bachelorette, to work on the pictures.  Don’t judge!  😉  I took pictures of this precious little girl for her upcoming first birthday.  She was so happy and just plain easy!  Her momma ordered the cutest little outfit off of Etsy, the place to shop if you are looking for the cutest stuff on Earth!  And check out the big cupcake that she made!  I love it when parents are so involved and make my job so easy!  Thank you guys.  I really had the best time with you!!  Happy birthday sweet little Emily!

Ummm, Emily?  I think she’s done, folks!

I think I see a sugar high!