Sweet and Perfect

This morning I did my last Austin session and wow, it was just perfect!  The mom is a teacher that I used to work with.  I had never met her children.  In fact, one of the last things I remember about her is her being pregnant with her son who is now going on 3 and she has this beautiful little girl now too!  I know I always say it, but time flies!  I had SO much fun with them!!  I’ve always thought the mom had the best personality.  She is so easy going and SO funny!  I don’t think she even knows it.  I’m glad I got to end my sessions in Austin with this one.  What a great way to start the day!  More to come later.  On our way to a neighbor’s birthday party for their jack russell who just turned 10. Yes, I said their dog!  Don’t judge.  😉  LOL