Happy Momma’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you great mommas out there!  If your children are as challenging as my child, you deserve the most relaxing day possible!  😉  Here’s to sleeping in, breakfast in bed (or on your air mattress if you are in the middle of moving like us LOL), and bubble baths!  Here are some more pictures from yesterday because editing pictures is how I relax!

I think this momma just looks stunning in this picture.  When I took it, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites!  Her eyes are just so beautiful!  I love the shape of them.

I loved this little boy!!  He was so cute and so sweet and I loved playing with him.  Can’t wait to see Mya at this age.

Trying to get this shot was so hard!  LOL I told the mom and dad to just make out and I would watch the kids.  Well, I forgot what happens when you let a toddler loose that just learned how to walk.  They want to just GO!  I was wrangling her and her brother and taking them back to the spot that I wanted them in over and over.  At one point the mom said, “Should we keep making out?  This is like having a free baby sitter!”  Ahh haaa!  So this was the best I got.  Meanwhile, sister was taking off for the hills behind me!