The Worst Experience of My Life!

So yesterday was  a gorgeous day!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and Mya was in such a great mood!  While she was taking her nap I thought, “I think I will take some pictures of Mya today.”  My aunt sent her the cutest little rain jacket with matching umbrella and I promised her I would take some pictures of Mya in it.  This was the day!  So I emailed a friend about borrowing some rain boots and everything was set.  I had all of our stuff layed out by the garage door.  When Mya woke up, I told her that we were going to go take her pictures.  She actually seemed excited.  I was so thrilled.  This was going to be great!!  Well, we went and got the boots and on the way to the park the sky started getting darker and darker and Mya started a little bit of fussing, but I told myself, “Stick it out.  It’s going to be fine.”  We pulled into the park parking lot and by golly there were only about a million people there!!  Things were just looking worse and worse.  On top of the bus load of children that were there, Mya was screaming by this point and it was sprinkling.  I didn’t care.  I got my camera, the screaming child and all of our little props and carried her to this beautiful, somehow empty part of the park.  I must have looked like a crazed photographer because everyone was staring at me and my insane child.  She was screaming, “Noooooo!!  Noooooo!  No pictures!”  LOL  Seriously?!  I tried everything I could think of to try and get her to calm down, but nothing worked.  She wouldn’t put the rain jacket on, wanted nothing to do with the umbrella, was kicking the boots off.  The umbrella was blowing away.  Her nose was running all over the place.  She was pulling the rubber bands out of her hair.  Wow.  Ummm, okay.  But I was persistent.  We drove all the way over there.  We weren’t leaving until I got at least one good picture of her in this freaking rain jacket!!  Somehow I did.  All I had to say, was “Yo Gabba Gabba”  in a really silly voice.  She was hysterically crying, would laugh, and then would scream and cry again.  It was the craziest, worst little photo session with her that I could ever imagine.  And of course, that one picture just wasn’t enough.  Mya, please, can we just get one more with this adorable little hat that I just ordered.  Same thing all over again.  Finally, we were done and I took her to the park to swing and play.  By the time we got home, I was in bad need of a massage and several glasses of wine.  I am so dreading her 2 year pictures.  I have the outfit all ready and have been so excited about it.  Not anymore!  Ryder is dreading it too.  Is it okay for a photographer’s child not to have 2 year pictures because I don’t think the “Yo Gabba Gabba” is going to work next time.  🙁  Heaven help us!  So here are the pictures that I got:  Screaming, and 2 smiling, in between the screaming.  I’m kicking myself for not videoing this for your viewing pleasure because I just don’t think people really can get the full picture of what I go through to get cute pictures of my child!  LOL

Later at the park:  Happy now!  But at one point I got my camera and she instantly starting screaming and crying again, “No pictures!”  Okay, okay, got it!  You’re not going to be a future model!  Geeeez!