Spring is Here

This afternoon I did spring pictures for our playgroup.  I was so nervous!  Lately kids haven’t liked me much.  lol  They just cry at the sight of me!  It was kind of chilly and I just knew that they were all going to be crying and cold, but wow, I was SO wrong!  Whew!  I will be uploading more pictures as I work on them.  Thank you to all of the parents!  I had so much fun!!  So now that we did Spring pictures, shouldn’t the warm weather be here?  😉

So I thought that newborns were my favorite babies to photograph, but nope!  6 month olds are my new favorites!  They are just so easy going and happy!  And they can’t run away from you either.  lol

I love how she has her doll here.  So girly and sweet!