This morning I got to go to my favorite part of town to do one of my favorite types of sessions:  engagement!  And let me tell you, these two were troopers because it was C to the O-L-D out there and windy!  But they worked it.  Darci kept doing different things, like pointing her toes, or tilting her head just so, when I didn’t even ask her to and it looked great!  I love it when people just know what to do like that!  And Marc was a really funny guy!  Poor guy is like most men.  They don’t like having their picture taken.  He made me laugh though.  We had to keep reminding him to close his eyes for the kissing pictures.  So each time I would ask them to kiss, he would say, in his English accent, “Eyes closed?”  😉  Thank you guys for being so awesome and cool and oh yeah, stylish!  LOVE their shoes!  You’re going to have an amazing life together!  Can’t wait to see pictures from the wedding in England.  Yes, England!  Isn’t that awesome?  I will post more photos later but right now it’s time for another session.  Lots of vintage ones to post.  This part of town just lends itself to that style so perfectly.  🙂

I knew it was going to be a good morning when this is the first picture I got!