Oh Man!!!!

Well, an offer was made on our house. The people want to close on April 30th and don’t want to rent the house back to us. Holy BLEEEEEP! The offer is a bit lower than what we want but these people really want the house so we’re going to try and meet them in the middle. I’m scared but excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time. How in the world will we sell everything in time? We want to stay with Ryder’s parents for a few days or so if the house does close then so that we can stay here for Mya’s 2nd birthday party. We don’t want her to have a party with none of her friends. She loves them. It makes me pretty sad to know that she won’t be seeing them after we move. 🙁 Everyone pray for us and cross your fingers that things work out however they are supposed to.

Okay, back to business.  I took some pictures tonight of these cuties.  They were the easiest 2 children I’ve ever photographed, even the almost 2 year old!  He looked at the camera and smiled!  WHAT?!  Wow!  Oh, I wish Mya would do that.  It was so nice meeting you guys tonight!  Mom, I’ll let you know when your pictures are all ready, hopefully by tomorrow!  🙂