Well, we are officially moving to Manhattan!  An offer was made that we accepted on Friday.  What a crazy, whirlwind it was selling the house.  It has just gone so fast.  We’re closing in mid April and have to be out of our house by May 15th.  Wow!  So we have tons of furniture to sell along with our cars.  If anyone needs any type of furniture, let me know.  We have it!

We have made a little pit stop in Miami before the madness of moving begins.  It’s a much needed vacation for all of us!  Here are just a few pictures that I’ve taken.  We will be making it to the beach later today after nap time and I can’t wait.  I can already smell the ocean and I LOVE it.  It makes me so giddy and happy to smell that again.  I feel like it’s saying, “Welcome back home!”  I went to high school and college in Florida and have missed it here ever since I left!  Glad to know that there are cheap, direct flights to Florida from N.Y.!

We rented a house with our family.  It’s such the perfect place for kids.  It already has high chairs, cribs, strollers, a swing set, toys, you name it!  This light just made my heart sing so I had to go and grab the camera after our swim!  Of course Mya wasn’t quite as happy as me about it.  😉

This was at the car rental place.  lol  Mya loved the hibiscus flowers!  We also saw something a little bizarre in the parking lot.  Can you guess what it was?  See below!

That’s right!  Monkeys!  And lots of them.  It was very strange.  We found out that there used to be a zoo right there but after Hurricane Andrew, it got wiped out and now there are just monkeys running wild around there.

Ahhhh, Florida, thanks for taking the stress away, at least for now!