Beautiful Family

A great friend of mine just had this sweet little baby boy.  She asked me a long time ago if I would do newborn pictures for her.  I still can’t believe that he’s really here!  She went into labor a couple of weeks early which worried me because I knew we would be out of town during the time that would have been ideal for his pictures.  But today we did his pictures and he gave us a run for our money.  He did NOT want to sleep!  LOL  We tried forever to get him to sleep and finally, mission accomplished and then he was easy!  I got some adorable pictures of his big sister too.  You will see more of her after next weekend.  She’s turning 2 and I am the lucky girl that gets to do her birthday pictures.  I loved being with this family today.  The dad is so calm and relaxed, an awesome dad to both of his beautiful children.  I don’t get to see him interact with their daughter very much because usually it’s just us moms.  It was cool to see!  And the mom, she’s just so easy going and funny!  I love her!  Thank you guys for letting me spend so much time at your house today!  I hope you love your pictures.  🙂

This one makes me almost cry:

Little bit of vintage: