A while back I asked a friend, who I thought took great pictures, if she would take family pictures for us.  I wanted her to take them and then let me photoshop them in the style that I love, vintage!  So today that’s what we did.  It was rainy and cold and just plain uck outside but I didn’t care.  We were getting these pictures done before anymore time passed.  Of course Mya chipped her tooth the other night, but as Ryder said, “That’s what she looks like right now.”  My response?  That’s not what she’s supposed to look like!  But he’s right.  So we went to Round Rock and hung out for a while.  Thank you so much, Brandy!  You are going to go far, girl.  Just believe in yourself.  She told me when she brought my CD by how nervous she had been.  I remember those days of just being scared to death to do pictures for anybody.  Heck, I still get like that before every session.  No need to get nervous with us.  I told her that if I just had one good picture of all of us together, that’s all I cared about and she got that!   Here are some of the pictures.

This one makes me cry.  THIS is what I wanted!  Pictures of us just playing with Mya.  I have nothing like that and that is what I wanted.  I wanted pictures of us just being ourselves and having fun with our baby girl.  And Brandy, you got it!  Thank you!!