Big Sister!/Asheville Child Photographer

A close friend of mine is having a baby and wanted to do some pictures to reveal the gender.  I wasn’t going to find out the gender until she arrived for the session but I had to find out sooner because I just couldn’t wait!  Can you tell what the gender is?  Yep, boy.  It is the year of the boy, like I’ve said many times.  lol  So happy for this family!!  Congratulations again.  I can’t wait to hold him and get some sweet little snuggles!





And we had to get a picture with the sunflowers because who knew they planted them again?!  Love them so much and we barely made it just in time for sunset.  Perfect!



Vacation/Asheville Baby Photographer, Asheville Child Photographer

There’s nothing fun about trying to take pictures of your own kids all together.  lol  People always ask how I do it.  Well, it’s not easy!  I’m much better getting good pictures of other people’s kids!  Today I wanted just a couple of pictures of the kids together at the beach at sunset.  That was a lot to ask for and I knew it but I was up for the challenge.  Mya and Piper did great!  River,….well,…not so much!  But we got a couple of good ones, thanks to my very patient husband!  We only had 15 minutes so it was a little stressful!  I’m so happy that Piper can walk.  I was hoping that she would be walking by the time we went to the beach so that I could get some pictures of her walking on the beach!





Break My Heart/Asheville Newborn Photographer

This morning I did a session with the sweetest baby boy, but when he cried, it broke my heart.  It was the saddest little cry.  Usually when a baby fusses when I’m posing them, I can get them to go right back to sleep right where they are, but when he did that sad little cry, I just had to pick him up.  I didn’t mind a little extra snuggle time with this little guy.  He was precious and I’m so glad I was able to do this last minute session for this super sweet family!