New Path/Asheville Newborn Photographer

So as time has gone on, I have discovered how much I truly love newborn photography.  I love working with families and children too but after lots of thinking and ho and humming, I have decided that my focus is now going to be on newborns and babies up to one year.  I will still be doing family sessions for families that have done  sessions with me in the past or families that do newborn/baby sessions with me but I will no longer be taking new families for family sessions.  I may eventually only be doing family sessions as mini-sessions in the spring and fall, but for now I will book them anytime of year.  This is a huge step, leading in the direction that I want to take.  I’m excited and nervous about it.  Will I be able to get enough business?  Will I miss doing so many family sessions?  Only time will tell and I can always go back!  So yay to change and to doing what you love.  This is hardly considered a job because I adore it so much!

To totally change the subject, here are some more photos from last weekend’s session.  This little man is just precious!







Not So Sleepy Boy/Asheville Newborn Photographer

This little man really gave us a run for our money today.  He just wasn’t into sleeping and posing for us!  He wanted to stretch out, legs straight out.  hehe  That would be okay if it looked good in pictures, but it just doesn’t, so I had to put in lots of work today.  I love his momma and think she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  His sisters came to the beginning of the session and they were amazing!!  Their parents sure have been blessed with three beautiful children!  I can’t wait to edit more from this session!  More to come later in the week!





Sweet Finn/Asheville Newborn Photographer

Today I got to meet a new family with their new baby boy.  He was scheduled to come to the studio last weekend but ended up being in the NICU.  When his mom emailed me to tell me that, my heart sank and I thought about them nonstop.  It was such great news to hear when he finally was getting to go home.  He was such a doll today.  I loved holding him and he was just the perfect baby!  I really loved this session.  A lot of times when parents come to their session, they are so sleep deprived that they are kind of grouchy, especially to each other.  lol  I mean, lack of sleep can make people crazy.  But this couple, they were so very sweet to each other.  This baby boy brought out so much love between them.  It was really cool to see!  Thank you guys for letting me do Finn’s first photos.  It was such a pleasure to meet you guys!!  I can’t wait to watch him grow on Facebook!  I will have more to share later in the week but here are some of my favorites for now!  By the way, mom wanted me to leave his birthmark which I love.  Most parents want them removed, but it’s part of who he is and I love it!