4 Blues and a Pink

This morning I met up with an old friend from the school I used to work at and her three boys.  I don’t know what I was more excited about, taking pictures of the boys or seeing her.  I have really missed hanging out with her!  So here are some of the pictures from this morning.  More to come later!  By the way, the title of this post is the title of her blog, too cute!elizabeth7







Tonight I got to photograph our neighbor’s daughter.  She made me remember why I loved teaching kindergarten so much.  She was so adorable!  She kept coming up with what she wanted to do and I loved all of her ideas.  She is a natural born model!  Thanks to her mom for letting her stay up past her bedtime!marissa3marissa2


Annie!-Austin Child Photographer


This morning I msite19et up with a friend of mine and her daughter, Annie, in Austin.  I LOVE Austin and this part of town really has so much funkiness.  I’ve been wanting to take pictures of Annie for a long time because she is just so cute.  I never thought they would ask, and finally they did!  Yeah!  Thanks, Kristen, for making the drive all the way down theresite15.