Waiting, ho hum

I’m waiting until Saturday to do my first couple’s pictures and I’m so beyond excited!!!  A friend of mine just got engaged and I am thrilled to get to take their engagement pictures.  Until then though, I’m just waiting around.  Here are a few pictures  from weeks ago that I changed up a bit just for fun!blog2blog1


Happy Father’s Day!!

Last week I took pictures for my neighbor.  She and her husband just had a precious baby girl.  She wanted pictures done of all three of their children as a surprise for her husband for father’s day.  It was hard making it a surprise so she had to tell him that I wanted to take pictures just for fun, so he ended up being in a couple without even knowing what they were for.  😉  Too funny!  I am so happy that we have another baby on our block.  Mya is going to be set when it comes to friends!  Congratulations to you guys!  You have such a beautiful family and I can’t wait to watch her grow!


Sweet Mya

I have been doing a lot of work on pictures for a family but I promised not to post anything until after next Sunday.  It’s killing me!!  So here are some of my sweet baby girl who is now walking all over the place so I had to get some pictures of her doing her thing!