Good Morning, Austin!

This morning I took pictures for a friend of mine and her family.  She and I used to teach kindergarten next to each other.  I was so excited when she asked me to do pictures for her family but I was even more excited when she said that they wanted to do them downtown!  Woohoo!!!  Her husband  had ideas of places to go, even better!  I love it when families are cool with just hopping in the car and driving to a bunch of places.  Makes for a very fun session, indeed!

All You Need is Love!

Today I took Mya’s Valentines pictures.  Yes, I’m probably the only mom in the world that takes pictures of their child for every holiday.  Don’t make fun!  😉  I love these little bloomers that I just got and can’t wait to use them again!!  Any takers?  February is pretty open!  I’m even thinking of offering some sort of deal for those who are interested.  Ryder thinks that people are catching up on finances after the holidays and can’t find money to spend on having pictures taken.  So why are January and March so full?  Hmmm…..There have to be some really cute little girls out there who would look adorable in these little bloomers!  🙂

Oh and if you saw my blog yesterday, you would have seen that I changed it.  Well, after really looking at it today, I realized that some of the pictures were being cut off by the side bar.  Annoying!  So I’m back to the old format for now.  I might have to shell out some bucks to get something that I really like.  But for now, back to Old Faithful.

Road Warriorette

This evening I took pictures for Ryder’s cousin, Sarah.  She has a great blog that documents her travels because the girl travels A LOT!!  It’s a cool blog to read for traveling tips for a girl on the go!  Check it out here!  She is about to move her blog to a new host site and needed some pictures for it.  So here are some that we took.

Gig ‘Em!

This afternoon I had one of the BEST sessions I’ve ever had!!  I did engagement pictures for this awesome couple.  They were so cool that they even let me take pictures at UT when they both went to Texas A&M!  😉  I love doing engagement pictures.  I had a great time and am afraid I’m going to end up blogging their entire session because I love their pictures that much!  For now, here are some that I’ve finished.  You guys ROCKED it out today!  Thank you for being so photogenic and fun!

Love this in Vintage too:

A Little Bit of Hair

So Mya has just enough hair to put it in some pigtails so today, that’s what I did.  She was sooooo excited about it and laughed and smiled when I showed her in the mirror.  She even said it was okay for me to take her picture and she didn’t cry!  Woah, what’s happening here?  I told her that her Mimi wanted to see her picture so I think that’s what made it all okay.  So momma, even if she won’t talk to you on the phone anymore, she does still love you!!  I have some engagement pictures coming up on Sunday that I’m VERY excited about.  You know in between sessions, I just have to share pictures of Mya.  Aren’t you lucky readers?!  😉