Heavenly Light/Asheville Teen Photographer

My best friend, Melissa, is in town visiting from Florida.  She is also a photographer and so all we have talked about is, “We need to do pictures of this and that, oh and don’t forget this!”  😉  It’s fun having someone around who is also so much into gorgeous light and sees cool props and locations everywhere she looks!  This afternoon we got back from dinner and I was heading in to put River to bed when Melissa said she was going to take some pictures of her daughter really quick.  I looked and all of a sudden became so jealous!  The light was just gorgeous!!  So I ran up and put River to bed, ran back down and said, “Get outside and hurry before the sun is gone!”  Tomorrow it’s my turn to be on the other side of the camera….eek!  But it’s time to update my site with a new picture.  So more to come later this weekend!