Baby Baby

I just recently found out that our Piper is going to be born in about a week.  I’ve been wanting to do some maternity pictures, so this weekend it was time!  I was already doing Mya’s 5 year pictures at the Biltmore House, so I decided to just have my husband take some pictures for me while we were there.  I set up the pictures and the camera settings and told him exactly what to do and he did such a great job!  Doing these pictures was a major task.  We had to get River up early from his nap and he was not happy!  The gates close to go into the gardens really early so we had to get there early, take our dinner and all of our clothes.  We hung out for a while, had a picnic, changed in the car and then had to walk a ways to get to the spots that I wanted.  My sciatica was about to put me over the edge.  And swollen legs and feet don’t mix very well with cowboy boots!  I could barely get them on and back off!  By the time we got in the car to go home 4 hours later, I was ready to die, but I’m so glad that we got some pictures done because this is my last pregnancy.

The Final Session/Asheville Maternity Photographer

Tonight I did my final session until the fall.  I’m not quite sure how I ever thought I would be able to do sessions right up until my due date!  Laying on the ground to get good shots is one thing, but then I have to get up off of the ground.  lol  I loved everything about this session: the location, the fun clients, the overcast sky,….it was the perfect session!  It was fun doing a session with someone who was also out of breath walking up hills.  We had a ton of laughs at ourselves and each other.  I’m going to miss working, but I know that with 2 kids and a newborn, life as I know it is about to get all kinds of crazy!  So get ready to see lots of pictures of my own children for the next few months!  If you are interested in a fall session, I will probably be doing a few select sessions starting in October, so don’t wait to book a date.  They will go fast!

Photo of the Year Contest 2012!

So here it is again!  The Photo of the Year Contest is now up on Facebook!  If you have a photo up, be sure to get all of those that you know to vote for your picture on Facebook here:  by “liking” your picture!

*The contest ends on the evening of December 30th.

*The photo with the most “likes” will win the contest.

*The winner will win a free full session with me in 2013.  This session must take place before the second week of April.

*This may not include a newborn session.  Sorry.  🙁

Now here are the photos!  Get to voting.  There’s not much time!

Just Perfect/Asheville Maternity Photographer

Every time I do a session, I think that those are my favorite clients.  But now today, these people are my favorites.  😉  Actually, I have loved all of my clients, here, there, and everywhere.  This couple was just SO much fun!  They had me laughing and laughing, and didn’t even make me feel stupid when I did the most unprofessional thing ever!  I called the dad the wrong name.  Oh my.  My face has never been so hot!  But they laughed and it was all good.  Whew!  And it’s pretty cool that this momma is also a Seminole!  Can’t have too many of those here since there seems to be a huge number of Florida Gators in Asheville.  Can I just say that this baby girl is going to be a beauty?!  Thank you guys for the perfect, easiest session.  Congratulations on your soon-to-be baby girl!