The Final Session/Asheville Maternity Photographer

Tonight I did my final session until the fall.  I’m not quite sure how I ever thought I would be able to do sessions right up until my due date!  Laying on the ground to get good shots is one thing, but then I have to get up off of the ground.  lol  I loved everything about this session: the location, the fun clients, the overcast sky,….it was the perfect session!  It was fun doing a session with someone who was also out of breath walking up hills.  We had a ton of laughs at ourselves and each other.  I’m going to miss working, but I know that with 2 kids and a newborn, life as I know it is about to get all kinds of crazy!  So get ready to see lots of pictures of my own children for the next few months!  If you are interested in a fall session, I will probably be doing a few select sessions starting in October, so don’t wait to book a date.  They will go fast!