This morning I got to go to my favorite part of town to do one of my favorite types of sessions:  engagement!  And let me tell you, these two were troopers because it was C to the O-L-D out there and windy!  But they worked it.  Darci kept doing different things, like pointing her toes, or tilting her head just so, when I didn’t even ask her to and it looked great!  I love it when people just know what to do like that!  And Marc was a really funny guy!  Poor guy is like most men.  They don’t like having their picture taken.  He made me laugh though.  We had to keep reminding him to close his eyes for the kissing pictures.  So each time I would ask them to kiss, he would say, in his English accent, “Eyes closed?”  😉  Thank you guys for being so awesome and cool and oh yeah, stylish!  LOVE their shoes!  You’re going to have an amazing life together!  Can’t wait to see pictures from the wedding in England.  Yes, England!  Isn’t that awesome?  I will post more photos later but right now it’s time for another session.  Lots of vintage ones to post.  This part of town just lends itself to that style so perfectly.  🙂

I knew it was going to be a good morning when this is the first picture I got!

Gig ‘Em!

This afternoon I had one of the BEST sessions I’ve ever had!!  I did engagement pictures for this awesome couple.  They were so cool that they even let me take pictures at UT when they both went to Texas A&M!  😉  I love doing engagement pictures.  I had a great time and am afraid I’m going to end up blogging their entire session because I love their pictures that much!  For now, here are some that I’ve finished.  You guys ROCKED it out today!  Thank you for being so photogenic and fun!

Love this in Vintage too:

Photo of the Year Contest

So I am done with sessions for the year so I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest.  I’m going to put up some of my favorite photos from the year and let you readers vote for which one is your favorite.  The owner of the winning picture will get a free 8×10 canvas of that photo.  To vote you must leave a comment and in the comment leave the title of the photo that is your favorite.  You can get friends and family to help you vote.  I will close the voting on Friday night at midnight so get started!  (One vote per person, please.)  🙂

Title:  Sweet Girl

Title below:  What a Doll

Title below:  Good Times

Title below:  Birthday Girl

Title below:  We R Family!

Title below:  Whew, it’s chilly!

Title below:  Sweet family

Title below:  It’s a crowd!

Title below:  360

Title below:  The Door

Title below:  Little Model

Title below:  Birthday boy

Title below:  Students

Title below:  Carolina Girl

Title below:  Twins

Title below:  Honey, I heart u!

Title below:  Smoochy scmoochy

Title below:  Brown eyes

Title below:  Baby on the way!

Title below: I-C-U

Title below:  Beautiful

Title below:  Young Love

Title below:  Walkin’ on Sunshine

Title below:  brown eyed girl

Title Below:  “No more cameras!”

Show It!

My session got rained out this morning 🙁 so I thought that this would be a good time to show some ways to show your pictures in your home.  I just ordered a ton of prints, canvases and mounted prints for our own house because we just didn’t have any family pictures up around the house.  I felt like it was such a shame.  I’m a photographer and I have great pictures stored on my computer of my Mya and none of them were hanging up!  So here are some examples of things you can do with your photos!  These you can order through ezprints.com right now or you can order these through me starting in January from your on-line gallery.

This is a canvas that I ordered for Mya’s room:

This is a side view.  It’s so cool because the picture is wrapped around the canvas.

This is a mounted print that I ordered for our entry:

This is a side view.  It’s very thin and you can order it ready to be hung.  It’s so easy and it looks great!

I also ordered one for our bathroom.  It’s a canvas of this picture, but the lighting in our bathroom is just awful so no actual picture of the canvas.

These are some more creative ways to showcase your photos.  I know that a lot of people are unaware that these even exist!  They, of course, cost more than prints on paper, but they look amazing in your home and can make a big impact, especially in large prints!

Newborn pictures coming tomorrow from this family.  I’m so excited!! So check back tomorrow for some good old fashion baby chub because he is one big boy!

Look Who’s Getting Married!

A while back I met this woman when she came to buy something from me off of Craig’s List.  We ended up standing around talking for a long time.  I thought she was just an awesome person!!  She saw my signature in my email and asked me about possibly doing photos for her later.  I couldn’t wait!  We were going to do 2 sessions, one with the kids and then engagement pictures the next weekend, but you know this crazy weather!!  The day we had booked for the kids, it was freezing and raining!  So we combined the two and it worked out great!  I can’t wait to go through all of your pictures tonight, guys!  Thanks for being so flexible and fun too!


I love it when women just know how to pose!

WORK it!!
WORK it!!
I believe that this might be my favorite picture of all time!
She has some AMAZING eyes!!
She has some AMAZING eyes!!