Happy Father’s Day!/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I hope all of the dads out there had a wonderful father’s day and you were shown how much you are loved and appreciated!!  We had a wonderful day going on a hike and spending the afternoon swimming at my aunt’s pool.  The kids made lots of cards and fun crafts for Ryder!  For once, none of the kids pitched a fit….all day long!  It was a miracle!  lol  I love that with my job, I get to meet families during one of the most beautiful but also most difficult times in their lives.  It’s amazing to see these moms and dads working so hard together as a team.  It’s one of my favorite parts of my job.  I love seeing the dads who come in and really take care of the moms.  It’s beautiful.  The dads that are so in awe of their new baby.  I love how the dads talk to their new babies while they are changing their diapers, leaning over them on the changing table, talking in that voice that you only use with babies.  It’s the cutest thing!!  I’m looking forward to meeting many more moms and dads soon!!