More Carter!/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I had to share some more of this beautiful boy because, really, I could share all of his photos.  I’m always amazed when I have a baby that’s not super easy and then when I finish editing their photos, I start to feel like a magician because the photos are always so beautiful, even when I struggled to get a baby to settle and relax.  lol  This session was not the easiest but I love the photos so very much!

Clara Francis/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

All of these sessions with babies with these adorable names are making me wish I could have more kids.  lol  The names are all so sweet!  This baby girl was a dream!  She slept so perfectly for her session, probably because she was up all night the night before.  Her poor parents!  But it definitely worked in our favor!  Little Clara, I hope you are letting your momma and daddy sleep now.  This day was so freezing cold and it was supposed to snow but I was so ready for spring, hence all of the flowers!  lol  It was so nice meeting you guys!!