Tiny Dancer

Mya decided that she wanted to do ballet back in the fall.  I thought for sure, she would give it a try and be ready to quit after a month.  She’s never been a girly girl.  She’s not the most graceful girl.  And she’d rather be spending her time outside exploring in the dirt and woods.  I was pleasantly surprised that she actually liked ballet and has stuck with it up until now.  Now her recital will be coming up and I am so proud of her!  She looks like she is having so much fun in class and she really gives it everything she’s got.  I took ballet one year as a child and dance classes in college.  I always dreamed of being a dancer, but our family couldn’t ever really afford dance classes.  I always hoped I would have a daughter that would want to take dance classes.  Mya has already said that she wants to do soccer in the fall, but I’m so glad that she gave it a really good shot!  I put makeup on her today since they were doing pictures at the dance studio.  I did her hair and after her makeup, told her to go look in the mirror.  I wished so much that I had had my camera then because the smile on her face was like nothing I have ever seen in her.  She just kept staring at herself and came back and told me she couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.  She looked so grown up!  Did I cry watching her have her pictures taken at the studio?  Me?!  Noooo……okay, maybe a little.  hehe  Will I make it through the recital without making a fool out of myself?  Probably not!  I love this girl!