Love This Family!/Asheville Family Photographer

I did a session for this family about 2 years ago and I loved it.  I was so excited to see them all again.  These kids are some of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known! They really love each other and get along so well.  I may need them to come and teach my kids a thing or two.  😉  And these parents are so cool.  I love so much how they embrace their kids for who they are and let them totally be themselves.  It’s so sweet!  I hadn’t done a family session in a while and it was so refreshing!  I missed it!  Thank you guys for being so easy and fun!  We flew through this session.  I got home and told my husband, “It was so easy!  I didn’t have to chase any children around with puppets!  They just stood still and smiled!”  haha