Slow Season

Ahhh, that lull after the holidays are over….gets me every year.  It’s that time of year when everyone has already taken their family photos in order to get their holiday cards out on time and the weather is cold.  Nobody is thinking about doing a photo session, unless of course it’s a baby session in the studio.  🙂  This time of year I start going stir crazy, ready to do some sessions again.  And that’s where my kids come in the picture.  I haven’t taken my camera out much lately at home, ever since I discovered Instagram.  So this morning, I got it out and said, “Who wants their picture taken?”  Both kids started jumping up and down saying, “Me, me, me!!”  Wow.  What did I ever do to deserve kids that love to have their picture taken?  😉  By the way, I am booking sessions for 2013, up until mid April and spots are starting to really fill in because spring is when the lull is over and everyone is ready to get outside and have family photos done again.  I look forward to those days!  🙂

This picture reminds me so much of thiswhen my girl was so tiny!