Just Too Good!/Asheville Child Photographer

This afternoon I did pictures of kids that are older than the children I normally do a session with so I was a little nervous wondering how I could make them laugh and smile.  I’m really good with toddlers.  I know them really well.  I used to teach kindergarten so I know 5 year olds well too, but I’m a little rusty on what makes them laugh.  Well, I was nervous for nothing.  These kids were so awesome!!!  The little girl was a natural model.  I couldn’t get over how she would just pose and tilt her chin at that perfect angle.  And their son was a hoot!  He was like a little Jim Carey.  He had us laughing the whole time.  These two together were like best friends and it was so cool to see!  And the weather was just amazing.  It has been so cold recently but today it was around 65!  Just perfect!  I really loved this session so much and can’t wait to edit the rest of their pictures!  Thank you guys for a really great session!