Pure Sugar/Asheville Child and Family Photographer

This afternoon I did this session at my favorite location.  I loved working with this family.  It seems like lately I have been doing pictures of just kids so it was really nice to get to work with a whole family again.  And not sure why, but man, I was so nervous!!  Wish I could get over that before sessions, but it seems to be part of the job for me.  Maybe it’s just pressure to make sure I do everything perfectly.  But once I got there and saw this family, the butterflies completely disappeared and it was fun from them on.  I really loved these little girls.  The oldest really reminded me of my Mya.  She was so excited and just wanted to explore everything just like Mya.  She was so much fun to talk to.  At one point she held my hand and just maybe my eyes teared up a little, just maybe.  😉  She asked if I could come back there to have a picnic with them.  So, so sweet.  But the sweetest part of the whole session where I really had to hold it together was when she said that she wanted to marry her daddy.  Gulp.  Hold it back, Brandy, hold it back.  lol  And their youngest, oh my gosh! She was the cutest little doll!  I loved her red hair so much.    Thank you guys for such a great afternoon.  Hope you get to make it back there sometime soon for that picnic!  🙂