Haven’t Disappeared!

Sorry for the lack in posts!  I haven’t disappeared.  We are moving!  Yes, moving, AGAIN!  But this time, it’s not across the country, it’s just in town.  😉  We finally found a house that we love in an area that we love and man, it was hard!  Houses in this town are rather expensive and don’t have yards.  So not what we were expecting.  But we finally found one with a yard and a room perfect for a studio for me and everything else that we could ever need.  Wahoo!  So excited to get my studio together.  I won’t be using an empty dining room any longer.  lol  We hope to actually have dining room furniture.  No more NYC furniture, or midget furniture as I’ve called it in the past.  So I do have a session coming up soon, but until then, cheers to new beginnings, again.  😉