This is Me

This afternoon my best friend who is visiting took pictures for our family.  At first I just wanted her to take a few for me for my “About Me” section on my site, and then I thought that maybe I should get some of  me and River and that led to, “We really need a family picture!”  So we decided at the last minute to try and throw together some outfits and get everyone together for some pictures.  It was actually way less stressful than any other family photos we’ve had taken!  Yay!  We started off with the day being just a tad too bright, but what can you do when you’ve got a baby that goes to bed by 6:30?!  😉 And he’s up by 6, so WHAT am I doing up so late?!   Thank you so much Melissa from MAH Photos for doing these for us!  I had such a great time with you!  Okay, maybe not so much fun being in front of the camera, but fun hanging out with you!  lol  (She doesn’t have a site yet, but I’m on her about it, so she will soon!)  Love you lady!