Woah!/Asheville Family Photographer

Wow!  So I thought business was going slowly but I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I just looked at the calendar.  I only have 2 dates open each for the months of October, November and December!  So if you want family/holiday pictures done, now would be the time to book it!  Spots are filling in very quickly here all of a sudden!  And need I remind you how BEAUTIFUL the fall leaves are going to be?  Or so I hear!  😉  I’m excited to see them!  I only do one session per weekend!  So here are the dates left for the year:

September:  The 18th

October:  The weekends of the 8th and the 29th

November:  The weekends of the 12th and 26th

December:  The weekends of the 10th and 17th

If you would like to book a session, please email me at brandy@brandylewisphotography.com

Trade/Asheville Teen Photographer

So since my best friend did pictures for us, I also did pictures for her of her daughter, Kat.  Kat is a natural in front of the camera and I knew that.  Her mom uses her as her model to practice and learn photography on a LOT, kind of like Mya was for me.  😉  Anytime I go on Facebook, I see her newest photos.  So I knew this was going to be easy, and sure enough, it was!

This is Me

This afternoon my best friend who is visiting took pictures for our family.  At first I just wanted her to take a few for me for my “About Me” section on my site, and then I thought that maybe I should get some of  me and River and that led to, “We really need a family picture!”  So we decided at the last minute to try and throw together some outfits and get everyone together for some pictures.  It was actually way less stressful than any other family photos we’ve had taken!  Yay!  We started off with the day being just a tad too bright, but what can you do when you’ve got a baby that goes to bed by 6:30?!  😉 And he’s up by 6, so WHAT am I doing up so late?!   Thank you so much Melissa from MAH Photos for doing these for us!  I had such a great time with you!  Okay, maybe not so much fun being in front of the camera, but fun hanging out with you!  lol  (She doesn’t have a site yet, but I’m on her about it, so she will soon!)  Love you lady!

Heavenly Light/Asheville Teen Photographer

My best friend, Melissa, is in town visiting from Florida.  She is also a photographer and so all we have talked about is, “We need to do pictures of this and that, oh and don’t forget this!”  😉  It’s fun having someone around who is also so much into gorgeous light and sees cool props and locations everywhere she looks!  This afternoon we got back from dinner and I was heading in to put River to bed when Melissa said she was going to take some pictures of her daughter really quick.  I looked and all of a sudden became so jealous!  The light was just gorgeous!!  So I ran up and put River to bed, ran back down and said, “Get outside and hurry before the sun is gone!”  Tomorrow it’s my turn to be on the other side of the camera….eek!  But it’s time to update my site with a new picture.  So more to come later this weekend!