Rain, Rain, Go Away/Asheville Baby and Child Photographer

My session that I was so looking forward to got rained out today and has to be rescheduled.  Boo!  Since it wasn’t raining here, I decided that I just couldn’t let these strawberries and lemons go to waste.  I’m not sure why I love to torture myself with trying to get Mya to cooperate for pictures.  She was kind of okay about it but then had a few tantrums before we even left the house because she had decided that she didn’t want to go anymore.  I finally just said, “Forget this!”  Then there was another tantrum because she had decided that she did want to go.  Geez Louise!  The girl is killing me!  Somehow we made it to the spot that I have been wanting to go to for a while and it ended up being okay.  River was very happy to be there and then so was Mya after she realized she got to eat a jar of strawberries!

Gone Too Far?/Asheville Family Photographer

I just recently ordered a ton of prints for our house because we didn’t have one single picture up of River and we had only about a million up of Mya.  😉  So now the problem is, where do I put all of these pictures??  I can’t just choose one or two because I love them all!  River is only 4 months old.  I still have a lifetime of pictures to put up.  I have pictures in their room, over their beds, on shelves, in the playroom, in the hall, a canvas in the bathroom.  So I guess this is just a problem that a lot of photographers have, too many pictures of their babies!  This is my dilemma of the moment!  (I have a session coming up next weekend that I am so beyond excited about!!  So be sure to check back!)  **By the way, I still have one spot left in the 1/2 off photo session deal!  That would be $60 for your session fee!  See the post below for more info.!**




I had all of these pictures sitting on our kitchen counter for a couple of weeks.  They were driving my very organized, super neat self crazy!  But I just didn’t have time to do anything about it.  But on this day Mya was with her Mimi, and little man just hung out while I hung all of these.  Thank Heavens for an easy baby!    

Session Fee Change/Asheville Family Photographer

**Update July 15th:  Had a cancellation!  One spot left!  First to email me gets the 1/2 off session! 

**Update!  July 13:  All 5 spots have now been taken!  That was quick!  Thank you to all that booked a session!  I look forward to working with you!

I am doing something special that I haven’t done before.  The next 5 clients that book a session for this year will be getting their session fee marked down to $60!  That’s half of the normal sitting fee of $120!

*This session must take place in the year 2011.

*Please see available dates under “Contact and Pricing”.

*The $60 will be nonrefundable in the form of a deposit which must be received by me no later than one week after booking your session in order to hold your date.

*This does not include prints.  Print prices are also under “Contact and Pricing”.

Now get to bookin’!

Happy 4th From the Lewis’!/Asheville Family Photographer

What a great 4th of July we had!  4th of July in N.C. is so much different than it was in New York!  In New York, it required a lot of preplanning, walking, tantrums (if you have a toddler-lol), but also the best fireworks anyone could ever imagine!  Here in Asheville, the fireworks require you to drive your car to the spot where you want to sit.  You get out with your chairs and blankets, ball, bubbles,….and you hang out in a big grassy area until the fireworks start.  The fireworks are a lot less dramatic, but the experience is so much less stressful!  So I have to say, I enjoyed being in Asheville this year for another holiday!  Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing day with some fabulous friends and fireworks!

Thought I would include a family photo so that future clients will know who to look for.  😉  The dark hair is gone and so is the baby bump!