River is 3 Months!/Asheville Baby Photographer

My baby boy turned 3 months this past week!  He is the absolutely sweetest little thing I have ever known.  I love how easy-going he is, how he smiles at us constantly, even in the middle of the night.  I love his wide, open mouth little face.  He is just so happy!  Taking his pictures today was so much fun because he was just throwing out the smiles left and right, until the end when he started getting tired.  Yes, tired.  Me too little buddy.  He has been keeping us up so much at night.   zzzzz  We are seriously about to die.  Some days I don’t even feel safe driving.  I feel like I’m on Mars!  I’m not sure what to do about it or why it has gotten worse but man, he’s killing us!  Thank goodness he is so sweet and adorable.  It makes up for it….a little.  😉  We love you little man!

Lately every time I do baby photos for someone else, I think, “Awe, why didn’t I do that with River?”  So I recreate it for him.  I wanted to use the lanterns once again before taking them down.  🙂