Spring is Here/Asheville Child Photographer

We moved into our house in the middle of winter.  In fact, when we found the house, we were visiting from NY and there was  a huge snowstorm.  We only had a few days to find a house to rent and so after seeing our house on-line, we had to go see it right away before going back to NY.  Well, this house is up the mountain a little ways and it was nearly impossible to get to.  We got stuck out on the road and then had to hike it up the crazy, steep driveway.  The snow was up to our knees!  Sooo, we hadn’t really seen what the yard is going to look like when it’s warm, until now.  There are some beautiful flowers everywhere!  These flowers are out by the pool that we haven’t even seen, since it’s been covered since we’ve lived here!  This morning Mya looked so cute in her outfit so I decided to take her out by the flowers and get her picture.  My sweet girl is getting so big!  Her 3 year birthday is coming up next month!  Where did the time go?