My Little Bookworm

Mya has always loved books.  We started reading to her the day that she came home from the hospital.  Having been a teacher, this was so important to me.  It has really payed off!  Her language skills are just so incredible and now she loves books!  This morning, I was helping Ryder move a huge, heavy shelf into our room that he had put so much time into putting together and I looked and saw Mya doing this:

It took all that I had not to drop the shelf and run and get the camera.  😉  When we had the shelf in our room though, that’s what I did.  She just looked so relaxed and content.  That doesn’t happen too often.  She is so high energy.  I took her to a little gym place this morning to try it out and one mom said, “Wow, she sure is active!”  All of the other moms/nannies were watching her and laughing because she was so insanely hyper!!  Oh my gosh, she really wears me out!  But I love her and she keeps me going even when I would give anything to lay down for one second.  lol

By the way, see those pictures on her wall behind her bed?  I got that idea from this lady.  She’s kind of a genius.  Okay, she is, and I love looking at her site.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out.  She has so many great ideas and not to mention, she’s a phenomenal photographer!  I have been into photography for a long time, since I was a teenager, but after seeing some of her work, that is when I said, “I”m going to DO that!”  And I did.  🙂

And yes, I know, more pictures of Mya.  These New Yorkers sure are hard to book!  It will happen….one day!