Little Bear

Mya has become totally obsessed with the children’s show called Little Bear.  She has to watch it every morning.  There are 3 segments in each episode and each time a new one starts she has to run up to me or Ryder and yell, “Another one!!”  😉  The other day she was so into it that she wouldn’t even look at me or acknowledge me when I spoke to her.  It was kind of scary.  I had to get a picture of this to remember that TV really can rot your brain!  lol  (For those of you bored of pictures of Mya, so sorry!  Still waiting to book some clients in NY.  🙁  I’ve only been here a week but I’m dying to get back to work.  During Mya’s nap, I usually edit photos for clients, but right now all I do is surf the web.  There’s only so much you can look at on-line before your brain rots too!)