Whew Crazy Day!

Today was such a crazy, busy, exhausting day!!  I did a first birthday session in the morning, rushed to the grocery store and then home so that we could take Mya to the neighborhood Easter party.  Then we got home, I ate lunch faster than I’ve ever eaten, packed up the car with my newborn session gear and raced out the door.  I was going to Pflugerville and had my google maps directions, but wow, were they ever wrong.  I got sooo lost.  I don’t usually ever get lost going to a session but I got so lost that I almost started crying on the phone with Ryder who was trying to help me out.  Our GPS system was still packed with our stuff from our Miami trip.  My phone was beeping at me that it was about to die and I had no way of getting a hold of the mom from my session.  I was in the middle of NOWHERE land!  What a nightmare!!  I finally found my way there and things worked out great.  Thank goodness.  What a day!

So here are a couple of pictures from my morning session.  This was a morning of firsts.  We went to some property that  a friend of mine owns. (Thank you, Amanda, so much!)  They have some animals there on their property:  goats, donkeys,…and there was a horse on the lot next to theirs.  So in the middle of taking pictures, a horse came up and stuck his head right in the picture.  LOL  Weird, but cool.  Later the dad had to herd a few donkeys away from us so that we could take pictures without them being in them.  I was laughing so hard.  Thanks for your hard work, dad!  So this little boy was the happiest little thing.  I fell in love with him!  Thank you guys for a fun morning!

I love the way he just stopped and stared at this horse.  It cracks me up!  😉

I love you, bluebonnets!

Here are some pictures from my newborn session.  I loved hanging out with this family.  I met the mom through some old teacher friends that I used to work with.  I loved talking to her today.  I have a feeling that if we weren’t moving, she and I would become good friends.  She’s just so cool and easy to talk to.  And she had lots of great ideas for different pictures.  I love that!  Big brother was there too.  (Pictures of him coming soon.)  He was so sweet and apparently is the future version of Mya.  They were very similar babies and have personalities that are a lot alike.  It’s good to see that she will probably mellow out someday.  But this baby!  He was a dream child!!!  He slept the entire time that I was there, until the end.  If he woke up, he would stretch and instantly fall back asleep.  He was so adorable.  Congratulations on another perfect child you two!

More later, but now it’s bedtime.  The Easter bunny will be here bright and early in the morning!