Long Time No Post

Well, we have been super busy packing, selling furniture, and living in an empty house.  It just gets emptier and emptier as the days go on!  People have come and bought just about everything that we planned on selling.  So much has been bought that our yard sale that we were planning on having isn’t going to happen anymore.  There’s hardly anything to sell!  A lady even came to buy our plants!  I wanted to keep some until we found out that the movers won’t have our stuff to N.Y. until about 12 days after they pick it up.  🙁  Not sure plants could survive for that long unless they were cacti.  lol  We went and bought some new, smaller furniture at IKEA.  Well, we bought most of it.  The couch that we picked out was out of stock but they told us that we could order it at the Brooklyn store and have it delivered to our apartment.  Cool!  Right?  So we went ahead and bought everything else to match for the living room and brought it home, got home, called the Brooklyn store, and say what?!  The couch color that we wanted has been discontinued.  Wow, so now on to plan B.  What was plan B?  Oh yeah, there wasn’t one.  So now, we have half of a living room set and no couch!  We’re going to figure that one out when we go up to NY to find our apartment at the end of this month.  Out of all of the craziness that has been going on, this couch situation is really the only thing that has stressed me out.  Everything else has been so easy!  Poor Mya has been trapped in this house almost everyday while I pack, post things on Craig’s List, respond to Craig’s List emails,…  So today after her nap, I decided that we needed to go to the park and have some fun!

The girl is in love with flowers at the moment.  She has to pick them everywhere we go, especially the “Panda Lions” (dandelions).  So today she saw these flowers and was fascinated when I showed her how you can make bracelets and necklaces out of them.  She sat there with me while I picked and tied these together.  She loved it!

While we were cleaning out the attic, Mya found her pacifiers from when she was a baby.  She never really liked them and used them for maybe a few weeks.  Today it was a different story.  She wanted to have one!!  So we let her and told her it was just for play while we were in the garage.  She sucked on her paci and tried to get into her baby swing.  LOL  Ryder finally convinced her to put her Papa Bear in the swing instead.  She pitched a major fit when I told her that we had to put the paci up.  Man, what happened to my “big girl”?