Someone’s Turning 2!!

Last week I did pictures for this sweet girl’s baby brother and this week it was all about her!  She’s turning 2 next week.  I have known her since she was a little baby.  It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed already.  Her momma was one of the first people that let me do photos for her, when I was doing them for free.  And man, they were something else.  LOL  I’ve done pictures for her since, but I’m happy that she had faith in me after that first attempt….scary stuff!  This morning was so perfect!  The light was just perfect.  We were the only people around.  And it only took an hour!! Thank goodness because right at the hour mark, all of a sudden, there were about 25 people there with chairs, a preacher, and bagpipes.  A wedding was about to start any minute.  Woah, that was a quick setup!  Thanks guys again for letting me do pictures for you.  I love your family and I’m going to miss all of you when we move.  🙁  Happy birthday, sweet girl!!