Oh Yay!!!!

Going to upload some more of the Valentines pictures, but big news for me:  a new, real life, custom-made watermark.  Woohoo!!!  Recently another photographer here in town made fun of my generic watermark.  Yes, I knew it was generic and ugly, but hey, that wasn’t very nice or professional on their part.  It did give me a complex though.  🙁  People can be so mean!  Thank you to Laura Hotten, one very talented lady, for making this for me.  Love it when I can trade a session for a favor!  When I added it to these pictures, my heart did a flip-flop because I was so excited.  It doesn’t take much to please me, obviously.  LOL  Next thing to do, a new website.  Still working on that one!  That one’s not quite as low cost.

Itty bitty toes: