Beautiful Family

A great friend of mine just had this sweet little baby boy.  She asked me a long time ago if I would do newborn pictures for her.  I still can’t believe that he’s really here!  She went into labor a couple of weeks early which worried me because I knew we would be out of town during the time that would have been ideal for his pictures.  But today we did his pictures and he gave us a run for our money.  He did NOT want to sleep!  LOL  We tried forever to get him to sleep and finally, mission accomplished and then he was easy!  I got some adorable pictures of his big sister too.  You will see more of her after next weekend.  She’s turning 2 and I am the lucky girl that gets to do her birthday pictures.  I loved being with this family today.  The dad is so calm and relaxed, an awesome dad to both of his beautiful children.  I don’t get to see him interact with their daughter very much because usually it’s just us moms.  It was cool to see!  And the mom, she’s just so easy going and funny!  I love her!  Thank you guys for letting me spend so much time at your house today!  I hope you love your pictures.  🙂

This one makes me almost cry:

Little bit of vintage:

New Dates

Okay, so after meeting with the realtor yesterday about our house, we decided that we need to step up on the money saving!  Soooo, for that reason I am going to be opening up some more dates for sessions.  The following dates are now open:

March:  7th morning or eveing, the evening of the 13th, the evening of the 20th

April:  18th morning or evening, 24th morning or evening

May: Morning or evening of the 2nd, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th

Remember, dates fill in VERY fast!  If you want one of these dates, please email me ASAP!!


So we got back from N.Y. and the weather was gorgeous, in the 70’s!  We stepped off of the plane and there I was with a sweater, boots, coat, scarf, looking like I just got back from the Arctic.  And today, it’s snowing!  Crazy weather here in Austin, as always.  Makes things interesting!  Here is a cute hat that I just ordered for Mya.  Well, I ordered it back in December!  I was hoping it would get here before it got too warm, and hey, today is the perfect day to wear it.  More news on N.Y. later!  But we won’t be in Austin for too much longer.  We are definitely moving.  Very exciting!


I will be going out of town with my hubby for the rest of the week.  This is the first time that we’ve left Mya for more than a night.  (That only happened once.)  I’m so excited about going to NYC, but I’m almost sick over having to leave my baby girl.  🙁  Will I be able to do it without crying??  Yeah right!  I know I will cry all the way to the airport!  So I will not be in my office (which really means, on my chaise lounge, which is where my laptop is) until next week.  So if you email me before then and I don’t respond, it’s because I’m on one of those double decker buses riding around NY freezing my patooty off!  Look out big city, here come those crazy Texans!  😉

Snow and 60 Degrees?

This morning I did maternity pictures for a friend of mine.  It’s funny, before a session, I always have in my head what it’s going to be like:  sunny, warm, beautiful light and I have poses in my head that I want to do and it NEVER ends up being the way I plan.  Somehow it just works though.  Today was supposed to be sunny, almost 60 degrees, gorgeous!  I was very excited.  When I woke up, I looked outside, and um, what?!  There was snow in the trees!  Are you kidding me??  So Sara and I braved the weather and went for it anyways and like it always does, it ended up being just fine!  This girl is just drop dead gorgeous!  She’s the kind of pregnant woman we all want to be:  happy, glowing, full of life and still knows how to have fun.  I love doing maternity pictures.  There’s just something so fascinating about pregnancy.  It’s just hard to believe that there is a little person there in that belly that’s going to be out in the world in just a few, short weeks.  It amazes me!  Thank you, Sara, for being so awesome this morning, even with a few distractions:  screaming children, hammering, chainsaws.  LOL  Hope you love your pictures.  More to come later.  Ryder and I have to get ready for a hot pre-Valentines date!  Woot!  Woot!  Happy Valentines weekend to all of you love birds out there!  Now go make some more babies so I can do some more maternity pictures.  Woah, inappropriate!  😉

I told Sara to make sure to “smeyes” and she knew what I meant.  LOL  If you’ve ever seen America’s Next Top Model, you know what that means!  hehe

Here’s big sister!  She’s a mini-me of her beautiful momma!