I Needed That Laugh!

This afternoon I took pictures for this AWESOME family!!  I was very excited to meet them.  The mom had emailed me a long time back.  The dad was one of the funniest people I think I’ve ever met.  We kept blaming it on lack of sleep, but really, I think he’s just that funny!  They were a blast to hang out with and were soooo layed back!  I almost didn’t want to leave because they were so much fun.  They are going to be some amazing parents.  Thank you, guys, for letting me into your home!  You’re going to have such a wonderful life with that precious little girl!

I was so glad to see that they had their tree still up and since the baby was born right before Christmas, we had to get a shot of her in front of it!

I didn’t realize how small her feet were until we put them next to her mom’s!  Look at how precious they are!