Okay, so I decided to do this photo contest just for fun thinking there would be a few votes but boy, was I sooo wrong!!  Every time I check my email there are tons of votes.  I can barely keep up!  The number of hits on this site are insane.  The most hits I had had in one day before this contest was 142 but for the last few days, there have been 300 on one day, 450 the next, and so far today there have been 170!!  Wowee!  You people are serious when it comes to winning.  😉  Thanks for all of the exposure!  Can’t wait to see who wins!  I have a feeling I know who it might be.  Hmmm…..

Just came across this as I’m finishing up pictures from last weekend.  This picture makes me want to go wake Mya up and hold her.  Oh the love of a mom and her child.  It’s like nothing else in the world!