Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

My new lens arrived today.  I didn’t even know it!  I had listened for the door all day and then had finally given up and decided that it’s not going to be here until next week.  My husband and I went to take the dogs and Mya for a walk and when we opened the door, there it was.  I asked my husband, “Do they have any idea how much that thing costs?!!  They just left it laying on the front porch?”  I was so excited to try it out but had to wait until we got to a spot in the neighborhood where we could let the dogs run free and let Mya walk around.  It was torturous just having the camera riding in the stroller and I couldn’t even touch it.  Finally I got to try it out but then realized that I hadn’t put the memory card in it.  lol  I didn’t care.  I took one picture, looked at it, took another, looked at it.  They didn’t get saved but I didn’t care.  I was so amazed by the clarity, color, and sharpness.  I have never seen such a thing!!! EVER!  I am so in love with this camera.  When we got home, I got Mya out on the front porch and asked her to give me her smile.  She wasn’t into it.  Shocker!  😉  I’ve got some learning to do, but I am so excited about it!  Now if I can just relax.  I asked my husband, “Where should I put this camera so that nothing can happen to it?!  Will I be able to leave the house with it?  I sure hope so!  I’m sure clients hope so too!  😉

Here is my sample picture for the evening.  Still working on the huge aperature.  Never had that as an option before!