Sweet Carolina Girl

This week we have been in Asheville, N.C. on vacation.  I got the opportunity to take pictures for a loooong lost friend!  We were friends in the 4th grade and she found me on Facebook.  She said that she wished that I lived closer so that I could take pictures of her daughter.  As it turned out, I was going to be in Asheville not too long after that so we set up a time and day and today we got to meet again after 23 years!  And I feel so lucky because her daugther was the PERFECT little model, so sweet!!  I felt like I’ve known her her whole life and I was kind of sad to say, “Goodbye.”  🙁  I will definitely be keeping up with them on Facebook from now on!  Sorry for the number of pictures.  I just love the ones with the umbrella and couldn’t choose!chesnee11