Sweet Babies

Tonight I got to take pictures for my neighbors.  I took pictures of their twins when they were first born and now here they are nearly 4 months old!  They are the cutest, sweetest little things and I LOVED photographing them.  Thank you guys for letting me capture them again!site8site7site6


Earth Momma

Tonight I got to take pictures for a friend and her husband who are expecting their first baby boy.  This was the quickest session I have ever done because a storm was a-brewin’ off in the distance and there was some pretty crazy lightening happening!  But Cynthia was AWESOME with a capital “A”!  She was up for anything I asked her to do and had a lot of her own ideas too.  She was so much fun and so free spirited.  She worked it!!  If you say that you’ve ever seen a more beautiful pregnant woman, you are lying!  😉  She is so gorgeous.  Just imagine what that baby boy is going to look like.  Watch out girls!!  Thank you guys for being so open to my quirky ideas!  I hope you love your pictures!site11site10site9site8site3site7site6


Old School!

A good friend of mine asked me a while back if I would like to take pictures of her daughter and Mya in their Model t.  Ummm, WHAT?!!  YES!!!!  So since that day, I have been so excited about it.  The day finally came today and of course there were a few mishaps, as always when it comes to photographing toddlers in a public place.  Mya was extremely fussy from the vaccinations that she got on Friday and of course we forgot the Motrin and then, just as we were wrapping up, a security guy came and told us we had to leave because of the train.  Perfect timing.  But it was all worth it and I love the way the pictures turned out.  (Thanks so much to my awesome neighbor for loaning us these adorable pettyskirts!!)site12site11site10site7site8site9





Tonight I met up with some neighbors who live just two houses over.  It’s funny when the mom emailed me to do pictures for them, I didn’t even realize it was her.  🙂  I always feels weird e-mailing a neighbor when they are right next door.  We had a great time at the park and it wasn’t as hot as I was thinking it was going to be.  What a fun nigsite10ht!site9site7site8site6site5