Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

My new lens arrived today.  I didn’t even know it!  I had listened for the door all day and then had finally given up and decided that it’s not going to be here until next week.  My husband and I went to take the dogs and Mya for a walk and when we opened the door, there it was.  I asked my husband, “Do they have any idea how much that thing costs?!!  They just left it laying on the front porch?”  I was so excited to try it out but had to wait until we got to a spot in the neighborhood where we could let the dogs run free and let Mya walk around.  It was torturous just having the camera riding in the stroller and I couldn’t even touch it.  Finally I got to try it out but then realized that I hadn’t put the memory card in it.  lol  I didn’t care.  I took one picture, looked at it, took another, looked at it.  They didn’t get saved but I didn’t care.  I was so amazed by the clarity, color, and sharpness.  I have never seen such a thing!!! EVER!  I am so in love with this camera.  When we got home, I got Mya out on the front porch and asked her to give me her smile.  She wasn’t into it.  Shocker!  😉  I’ve got some learning to do, but I am so excited about it!  Now if I can just relax.  I asked my husband, “Where should I put this camera so that nothing can happen to it?!  Will I be able to leave the house with it?  I sure hope so!  I’m sure clients hope so too!  😉

Here is my sample picture for the evening.  Still working on the huge aperature.  Never had that as an option before!


Still here!

So I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth!  I know, no new pictures this week.  Makes me sad!  I was supposed to do photos for a family on Sunday but of course it rained, hard!  And it was freezing!  So we are doing them this weekend instead.  Please no more rain!  Now as long as my new lens gets here to go with my camera, that’s just sitting in the box, everything will be perfect!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Okay, Okay!!!!

So I’ve gotten a few too many emails from friends who are freaking out.  NOoooooo, I’m not pregnant.  LOL  So sorry to scare all of you.  BUT, there is a new baby on the way to our house and here it is!


The stork will be delivering it next week!

This will also be coming, but a week later, oh it’s going to be torture just staring at my camera but not being able to use it!!


So for those of you wondering why the price jump starting in November.  This is why!!  I will need to pay this off before the year 2020!  😉  I am so excited to take pictures with this “baby”!  They will be so much more crisp and clear!  Okay, feel better, friends?  🙂

Talented Momma

This morning (I start every post like that, don’t I?  LOL, sorry!)  I took pictures for a woman who is starting her own business.  She makes AMAZING little girls’ dresses!  I was so excited to see them!  I took pictures of her dresses on these 2 beautiful little girls so that she can post them on her Etsy site.  I’m not allowed to post pictures of the dresses until she has her site ready, but as soon as I can, I will and you just wait until you see what this woman has created.  She is one talented momma! Before I left, I had to get some shots of the 2 little girls up close because they are absolutely breathtaking!  I do have to apologize for making this poor group of people drive all over Austin.  I felt so awful!  I learned a second lesson today (the first being don’t buy balloons to use for a session on a windy day!).  Call ahead to a location to make sure it’s not booked for a wedding!  DUH!  Sometimes my blonde hair takes over and my brain shuts off.  Thank the good Lord above that these people were easy going!  I could have been in for it!  Everything happens for a reason and as I was driving to our second location, I didn’t know what the reason was and I was sure that these people were cussing me in their cars!  😉  But after we got to our second location, I realized that it was a much better place for the photos that we were taking.  So everything worked out the way it was supposed to!  Be on the lookout for these adorable dresses that I will be posting very soon!


Look at how angelic she is....so precious!!
Look at how angelic she is....so precious!!