Big Move!/San Francisco Newborn Photographer

Well, as the title suggests, we are making a big, I mean huge move to the west coast, the San Francisco Bay Area to be exact!

This is a sudden move that took some time to get used to but now we are in full blown hurry and pack and get on the road mode. I am excited to be in CA but also super nervous about so much newness and starting my business all over from scratch again. I’ve done it three times now so I know how to make it work but things have been booming here.

So if you know of anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, send them my way! I’ll be waiting with my camera! I will miss you, AVL!

I loved doing this sitter session! This sweet boy wasn’t super confident in sitting up just yet but with mom’s help, we got a ton of super sweet images. What a doll!

~Brandy Lewis (San Francisco Newborn Photographer)