The Sweetest/Asheville Newborn Photographer

Today I finally got to meet this most beautiful baby girl.  She was born 2 months early so we waited a while to do her newborn pictures.  She is actually almost 3 months old now so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  I imagined lots of eyes wide open shots, but this baby girl was just like a newborn.  She might be one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen and so, so tiny!  I think she’s the tiniest baby I’ve worked with and I couldn’t get enough of her little bitty booty and her little baby belly.  😉  She was a feisty thing though.  She did not like to be moved, at all.  Sorry sweet thing!  Her parents gave me the best compliment.  They called me “The Baby Whisperer”.  hehe  I will say I do have a knack for getting babies to sleep. Thank goodness since it’s kind of important.  lol   Thank you guys so much for allowing me to do photos for you.  I fell in love with your little girl and loved working with you!

The Easiest Baby/Asheville Newborn Photographer

This afternoon I did photos of the easiest baby I think I’ve ever met.  Usually with newborns, the session starts and an hour later, we’re still “shhhhsh’ing” and rocking, swaying, feeding, and just trying to get the baby to sleep, but not today.  This baby girl was ready to sleep right away!  I was very impressed.  And she sleeps so much at night, rarely cries and sleeps in the car?  I’d say these parents just had an angel!  I loved this session today, that is, until I heard my daughter screaming her head off downstairs because her beloved Papa Bear was missing.  Oh gracious.  Maybe I need an out-of-home studio?  When I win the lottery!  😉  Thank you guys for being so patient and easy today.  (I had a really hard time picking some to share.  I am in love with them all!)

These parents wanted some outdoor photos which I love, but it scared me a little.  Our yard isn’t exactly a flower garden.  But with a little bit of looking around, I actually found some spots that worked and my neighbor was also kind enough to let us borrow their flowers too.  Next spring, our yard is going to be a photographer’s dream!  😉

Little Sadie/Asheville Newborn Photographer

I finally got to meet the baby girl who’s momma I just did maternity pictures for.  She is one beautiful baby!  She did give me and her momma  a little scare though.  She was wide awake and not too happy with us for the first hour of her session.  Worried me a little, but once we got her to sleep and happy, she was like that for a very long time.  I took more photos of her than I have any newborn because she just stayed out!  And I knew her momma was going to be a great momma when I met her and I was right.  Some people are just born to be a parent and she is one of them!  When I think back to how I was with my first baby, I was not that cool and relaxed.  I was a frazzled mess most of the days!  She is a natural!  And thanks to Sadie’s dad for being so patient!  Most dads don’t  enjoy newborn sessions because they really do take a long time but this dad was so content!  Makes my job easier!  Thank you both for being such perfect clients!  I loved doing pictures for you again!  And I’m sharing a lot because I had a hard time picking some of my favorites!  🙂

Half Sessions!/Asheville Family Photographer

I have been thinking and thinking about doing half sessions for a while.  It’s something that I’ve never done but I’ve noticed that many people prefer mini-sessions over a full session.  Maybe it’s the cost involved or the fact that they just don’t want so many photos.  Either way, I think I’m going to give this a go!  Here is what a half session will look like:

*The sitting fee will be cut in half:  $70 rather than $140.  Newborn sessions will be $90 rather than $180.

*The session itself will last for about an hour rather than 2.  (Newborn sessions will be closer to 2-3 hours.)

*The number of color photos in your gallery will be around 12 (10 for newborn) rather than 25 (18-20 for newborns).  There will still be the black and white and vintage options as well in your gallery!  Print prices will remain the same.  Please see “Contact and Pricing” for print prices.

*As always, these sessions can include as many people as you would like (your immediate family).

If you are interested in a half or full session, please email me at brandy@brandylewisphotography com!  These sessions can be given as gifts!