Christmas Babies

I did Christmas pictures for my playgroup babies last weekend.  It’s beyond cold here so I decided to do them in our apartment since we have a fireplace (that is usually used for storage).  😉  Thank you guys for such a fun morning!!  Happy Holidays to all of you out there!!  Hope this year was all that you hoped for it to be and more!

Photo of the Year Contest!!

Okay, folks!  It’s that time of year again.  Time for my Photo of the Year Contest.  This was so much fun last year and the winner got sooo many votes.  I just couldn’t believe it!  So here’s the deal.  Scroll through the pictures and pick your favorite.  At the bottom of this post leave a comment with the title of the one that is your favorite.  Each person can only vote ONCE!  On December 15th (one week) I will announce the winner.  The winner will receive a free 8×10 canvas of their photo.  So email anyone you know and get them to vote for your photo if you have one in the contest!  Time is a tickin’!  Good luck!

“Irish Boy”

Christmas Baby

Sweet Love

Stuck in the Middle

Heavenly Baby

Birthday Boy

Beautiful Girl

Blue Eyed Girl

Valentine Girl

Momma 2-B

Blue is for Boys

The Red Door

All Bundled Up


Happy Baby


Pea in a Pod

Father and Son


4th of July

NY baby

Sweet Lil Pear

I’m 1!

Candy Shoppe

Flower Girl


Momma’s Girl


Just Hangin’ Out


Fall Leaves

My How You’ve Grown, Little Man

This afternoon I met up with one of my Baby Bloomers.  Last time I saw him he was 3 months old and now he is 6 months old and so full of smiles and cuteness!  It’s so cool seeing how much a baby can grow in such a short amount of time.  I’m glad I get to be there to watch him grow!  We were in a rush this evening due to the early sunset these days but little man was great!  So, so good seeing you guys again!  Can’t wait to see him again next time!

Did I mention that the trees here are beautiful this time of year?

The cutest little outfit!

His grandma was in town too.  Isn’t she lovely?

Photo of the Year Contest

So I am done with sessions for the year so I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest.  I’m going to put up some of my favorite photos from the year and let you readers vote for which one is your favorite.  The owner of the winning picture will get a free 8×10 canvas of that photo.  To vote you must leave a comment and in the comment leave the title of the photo that is your favorite.  You can get friends and family to help you vote.  I will close the voting on Friday night at midnight so get started!  (One vote per person, please.)  🙂

Title:  Sweet Girl

Title below:  What a Doll

Title below:  Good Times

Title below:  Birthday Girl

Title below:  We R Family!

Title below:  Whew, it’s chilly!

Title below:  Sweet family

Title below:  It’s a crowd!

Title below:  360

Title below:  The Door

Title below:  Little Model

Title below:  Birthday boy

Title below:  Students

Title below:  Carolina Girl

Title below:  Twins

Title below:  Honey, I heart u!

Title below:  Smoochy scmoochy

Title below:  Brown eyes

Title below:  Baby on the way!

Title below: I-C-U

Title below:  Beautiful

Title below:  Young Love

Title below:  Walkin’ on Sunshine

Title below:  brown eyed girl

Title Below:  “No more cameras!”

Santa Came!

So Santa came to our neighborhood this afternoon.  Mya is terrified of him!!  She wants nothing to do with him but she will tell you that he is “niiiiice” and he brings you “toys”.  😉  Her outfit was just so cute (from my mom) and the light was just amazing so I had to do a little shoot out in the parking lot.  lol

The Santa thing lasted about 2 minutes with Mya so we went to the park afterwards.

So this is our Santa picture this year.  lol  What  a cool Santa to do this for us.