Photo of the Year Contest 2011!

Okay so here it is again!  This year is going to be super hard for me because I loved so many pictures from my sessions this year.  As a photographer, I feel like I grow and learn more and more over time so I can see improvement in my photos and I look forward to learning even more in the upcoming year!  So here are the rules!

-Each picture has a caption under it.  When you or someone else votes for your picture, they must put that caption in their comment, on this post, no other post.  (Not sure why, but in the past people have posted their comments under other posts.)  So scroll to the end of this post and that is where you can leave your comment for who you want to vote for.

-Each person may only vote one time.

-This contest will end a week from today, on December 23rd at 2:00, so email everyone you know and have them help you vote!

-The winner of this contest will win a $30 coupon to order prints from their gallery (not just their winning photo).  This may not sound like much, but I’m making print prices insanely cheap!!!

4×6’s will be 19 cents

5×7’s will be 79 cents

8×10’s will be $1.99

11×14’s will be $5.49

16×20’s will be $15.99

8×10 wrapped canvases will be $30

So get to it!  Time’s a wastin’!

Pretty in Pink


Baby boy

Gorgeous momma


Fall Leaves

A Living Doll

Sweet baby

Christmas baby girl

Little man

Christmas time

What fun

Beautiful girl

So beautiful

 Ready to be a momma

My Babies!/Asheville Christmas Photographer

I did Christmas photos of Mya and River a while back.  River was easy.  Mya was easy.  Mya and River together…..not easy at all!  Why do sibling pictures have to be so hard?!  So this year, our cards had pictures of them individually….sigh.  Oh well.  😉

 And it wouldn’t be a proper picture without an appearance by the infamous Papa Bear!  If you don’t know, this bear is Mya’s 3rd arm.  He goes everywhere with us!  He has been through it all with her, from being left at the big NY public library, to all naps and bedtimes, to taking a bath in the bathtub!  (That last one was not on purpose!  lol)  I fear the day that he gets lost!!  

Session Fee Change/Asheville Family Photographer

**Update July 15th:  Had a cancellation!  One spot left!  First to email me gets the 1/2 off session! 

**Update!  July 13:  All 5 spots have now been taken!  That was quick!  Thank you to all that booked a session!  I look forward to working with you!

I am doing something special that I haven’t done before.  The next 5 clients that book a session for this year will be getting their session fee marked down to $60!  That’s half of the normal sitting fee of $120!

*This session must take place in the year 2011.

*Please see available dates under “Contact and Pricing”.

*The $60 will be nonrefundable in the form of a deposit which must be received by me no later than one week after booking your session in order to hold your date.

*This does not include prints.  Print prices are also under “Contact and Pricing”.

Now get to bookin’!