Baby Logan/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

A while back this mom  emailed me asking if I did family photos anymore or if I knew of someone.  I told her that I only did newborn photos now and referred her to some other local photographers and told her that they were just going to have to have another baby so that I could do another session for them.  Shortly after, she emailed me and said that they actually were pregnant and were going to want to book a session.  lol  I’ve done 3 other sessions for for their oldest son.  Now they have a new baby and he’s oh-so-precious!  He was such a good baby and slept through most of his session.  At the end of the session, I had to stop and think if I actually got all of the photos that I had planned because the session was so quick!  It was so great seeing this family again.  I always love having families come back with their second or third or even fourth baby.  I love watching families grow and it gives me a chance to get to see the older siblings, not as newborns, but as big kids!  Congratulations you guys on another super sweet little boy!  (The second photo here was actually supposed to be with big brother but he just wasn’t having it.  I always try really hard to get a sibling shot but I do appreciate when parents see that their child just isn’t going to do it and we don’t spend a ton of time upsetting them to get the shot.  So I got a picture of Logan all by himself and it turned out really sweet.)