Precious Little One/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I wanted to share a few more from this beautiful baby girl’s session.  Lately most parents have been buying all of their downloads from their sessions.  My husband is thankful that I’m now bringing in an income to help support our family, but for me, it’s gratifying knowing that the clients love their photos enough to want to buy them all.  It makes my heart feel happy to know that I didn’t just waste all of those hours and days editing every single picture.  It makes me feel happy to know that all of the pounds that I’ve gained from sitting and editing so much lately are not for nothing.  lol  Yeah, I’m on top of that one!  You won’t catch me standing on the side of the trampoline watching the kids anymore.  Broken rib or not, I’m right there with ’em!  hehe  Thank you clients who see the beauty in the photos that I create and take the time to say “Thank you!”  It means a lot to me!